Friday, June 26, 2009

The BEST there ever was!

Words can't even explain how I feel about the death of Michael Jackson. Evidently I didn't know him, but as a fan I think the impact of reality hit me hard. Hands down he was the very BEST and although for the past couple of years he was publicized for all the wrong reasons, I refused to lose that image of the Michael Jackson I loved growing up. Nothing has and never will change my perspective of him.
It's just unfortunate that someone as great and life changing as he had to go so unexpectedly.
His loving memory and great music will definitely live on forever, without a doubt!

May you Rest In Peace.
Michael Joseph Jackson

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh yea..

to my lovely father who is in Afghanistan making ends meet!
[Miss y o u]
my 2 older brothers Ant &Tyree
my older sister Tedra [who plays b o t h roles]
uncle Dekal
My lovely Odell
Justin [R.I.P]
Mr. Moss
Mr. Foster
Mr. Canada
Mr. Logan
Coach Moore
Coach Hester
the world needs more men as such!
..and the same goes to all those other great men out there!
Also, to those women who's mom & dad!
Today is your day.

Sitting in traffic SUCKS, especially when it's 107 degrees outside!
[not literally, but pretty close]..

But it never fails..should have known it was gonna be this way trying to get back to Norfolk!

..ugh; I hate this tunnel!

Although much didn't take place, overall I enjoyed my night.
That LONG L O S T friend ended up coming to see me!

--really couldn't ask for ANYTHING more.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Since today is the HOTTEST day of the year my plans for the beach are
cancelled (for now),so Courtney and I are just maxin in the house..We went to Dairy Queen;
I needed my dose of a caramel moolatte! <--they're the B E S T! Tonight we don't have plans..a good friend may pay me a visit.
[Haven't seen him in forever]

--sn: I really feel as if I've been wasting my time these past couple of months; expectations were a bit too high..and clearly he couldn't fulfill them! This life I'm living now [working, school and having fun] is all I need. Don't need the burden of being obligated to anyONE!

"In case you didn't know, I be the baddest b*tch doin it"
-nikki minaj<

Friday, June 19, 2009

I l o v e this man!

add it up!

Wtf..I've been waiting for summer to get here. I guess I forgot just
what the 75 is capable of..
Besides work just about everyday and an occasional outing on the
weekends, nothing has yet to make my summer..I mean it is only June, so
I guess I can give it just a little more time..
Other than that I'm living..feeling some type of way, but can't quite
grasp the right words to explain it.
I'm tired of Norfolk, In desperate need in a change of scenery; def will be at vcu for my Junior and Senior year..!
July 1st is almost here..which means P A Y DAY! ..after rent, a lil
change on my phone bill..and groceries I think I will be taking my long awaited vaca in MiAMi with my bro!
Hopefully things will go as planned!..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

15th NBA Championship; LA

4th Championship ring.
2009 MVP
Average of OVER 30 points per game !
he is the TRUTH
Kobe Bryant
If you're not used to him now; you better learn to!

sn: GLAD the finals are FINALLY over! sheeeesh

they say it's fiddy !

..Came home from the beach JUST in time today to catch my love on Jimmy Kemmel! I swear I ALMOST forgot how much I LOVE him!..sigh..
..and that SMILE; mm mmm mmmm! lol
he's a CEO, he raps, has his own: shoe line, clothing line, line of watches, vitamin water, he's an actor, and he has his cologne coming out..what's next!?
50 Cent--you may not like him; but he's def a paper chaser!

Before I self Destruct--coming SOON!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Best Fran !

My bestest friend since 6th grade [almost 7 years!]
Last night we went to the cave--> :-/
(glad it was f r e e!)
..BUT it was Kera's birthday, so I can't complain!

I got in at 2:03 a.m..didn't fall asleep until about 3
and had to wake up at 7 for work!..Now I'm sitting here waiting for that 5th HOUR!


Thank GOD It's FRIDAY!

Sittin at work bored..texting my life away.
On my 3rd cup of coffee..that's not working!
(I need to pull myself together)
It's 1:01 and I've been here for 5 hours!..
[MEANING] 4 more hours to go..
(I'm tryna push 9 straight hours..NO BREAK) l0l
I'm ready to go home; S H O W E R & S L E E P!..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009


nicki minaj

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This weekend was a MESS..not including Tiarra's bday cookout/gathering and the fact that I was with my girls!

I guess besides getting locked out of my apartment for 1 hour and 1/2..and getting my FIRST and LAST speeding ticket..It was pretty decent.

lol and If you don't know, regardless of the circumstance me and my girls will turn it o u t!


p.s..hmm a certain someone was acting brandNEW; very comical, no biggie tho..

-the end-

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Boyfriend Numero Dos!

So I was walking to work this morning; I practically live on campus..where my job is so it's convenient) ..anyway when I was approached by this old random man (old enough to be my pops). First he said good morning and I replied with a smile, he then asked if I had a boyfriend..I said yes and kept it moving. You would think he got the point, but if u thought so, then you're wrong. lol He then asked if I wanted another, something like Boyfriend Number, really? lmao


On my way home for my lunch break I was in the middle of a text when another random man decided to approach me and ask who was in my phone..I looked at him and kept walking. Apparently my gestures mean continue to talk to me and I just might give you a chance, because for some apparent reason he thought I wanted his number in my phone! lol..and went out his way to let it be known that the next time he sees me he's gonna put his number in my phone..

..a little entertainment for the day I guess?!..



"I can't leave him alone; I tried that good boy game,
but the dope boys turn me on."

Song on my mind, but not really the story of my life..
a dope boy tho? really?


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Word to the little bitties out there::

You CANNOT compete with his number 1: she's the ride or die, the one who has his heart (even if he tries to hide it), the one who knows that other side that no one else sees, the one who break up to make up..yea HER!
He may front, he may spit "game" (telling you what you what you wanna hear<--for you slow bitties), he may do whatever to make you believe you're the ONLY one. But if you fall for it you set yourself up for failure! ..and if you start to fall then your feelings will get hurt.
He's just actin up..may seem like a little fun in his eyes, but at the end of the day that SAME number 1 is there and there's no telling what number you may be! HA

Don't waste your time dealing with a guy you KNOW is dealing with another girl; trust me, It doesn't end well!

[good day]


Sooo it decides to be 93 degrees the day we moved into our new apartment; did NOT mix with my attitude..and all those boxes we had to carry around.
Nevertheless we're all done & unpacked (for the MOST part) and I must say I LOVE IT!

Monday, June 1, 2009

First day of work was actually ok; worked my way around the office.
Idk how I feel about the early wake up call tho..6:30? Don't know when the last time I even woke up before 8 o'clock..but I'm a paper chaser and I like nice things! <--can't buy those things with no money..
[speaking of which; the GUCCI duffle bag is SCREAMING my name]

Tomorrow ..same schedule; time to get busy!

ooh yeea..TOMORROW IS MOVING DAY! apartment :)