Sunday, October 18, 2009

feeling some type of way..!

I always said that I wouldn't conform to this way of thinking..that "n*ggas aint sh*t". Not only because A LOT of females dwell on the very fact everyday, but because I had this small piece of hope; that state of mind that was telling me that there was in fact someone out there who would hesitate from playing games, someone who would keep it 100, someone who was well worth the wait!
I wouldn't say I was naive because I am far from that when it comes to guys, I guess I just fully wanted to believe that they (other girls) were just having bad luck or wasn't doing something right when they had the chance.
But I have come to the words simply put..N*IGGAS REALLY AINT SH*T! I hate to say it, but once you've been in so many different situations, especially where you've done nothing wrong and he doesn't know how to "act" that can be the only reliable explanation.
It's sad that you will give your all to a guy, do sh*t for him that you wouldn't dare do for any other, even attempt to open up to him and he goes and f*ck up..just don't know how to act..go around and bullsh*t like it's cute! This is one thing I don't understand, if you're not in it for the gold, why run the race?! I thought females were petty and funny acting, but these n*ggas are beginning to take the title. Just thinking about it is really blowing me..
..and another thing..why LIE?! I mean everybody don't tell the truth and that's fine. But what is the point in lying to a female if you don't have a're not obligated, so just be real..that's all we (I) ask. Then some get pissy when she starts doin her.
All I can say is once a female feel she has been played, that is DEF the end (well at least for me)..and you wonder why females are "bitter" or have high standards! or is always acting funny; smh.. that simple ass average ass n*gga is why!