Thursday, August 27, 2009

I read all of the magazines
While waiting around
You said you couldn't wait to see me
But you got stuck in town
So turn off the phone
Now we're finally alone
It's the moments at the end of the day
Feel you touch and it's the sweetest
Your kisses are my weakness
I never want them to go away

I wanna feel you in my heart
As i look into your eyes
No need to get busy so let's take our time
And make slow love, slow love
And every minute that we have
It goes too fast
Wanna show you how to rock it so this feeling lasts
And make slow love, slow love
Slow love, slow love, slow love all night

Just a few little things
That you've gotta know
A girl will give you all of her heart
When it's happening slow
I need a little laughter
And love will follow after
Let's take this chance to steal away
Your kisses are delicious
And no one is gonna miss us
Tonight i really want you to stay

So i'm calling out
Do you hear my cries
Don't have to say good-bye
You the breath on my skin
Cherish the taste
It's far too good to go to waste
Feel my desire
Make sweet love all through
All through the night
Make love through the night

Slow Love by Beyonce

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today was a good day, I've been in a good mood since the second I woke up this morning!
..and Despite the fact that I didn't get my refund check yet, It didn't ruin my day..
Chilled with the BEST..Kevo & LoLo*..oh and Shanta & Charles momentarily! A day full of simplicity is ALL I need!

sn:: cooked dinner, it pretty decent//It's now 10:02..what's the call for tonight;

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. No need to get into too many details, but for ONCE I'm at a two roadway stop and idk which direction to take..
I am leaning more towards ONE way//we'll see where I end up.

I don't want this one to slip through my fingers,
so I'm gonna play the field!
NO pun intented! :)

for some tickets tho?

The BESTIE and MYSELF decided we would camp out for our football tickets..
IF you haven't heard it's been 60 years since ODU had a football team! Point is it's a SOLD OUT season// and student tickets are LIMITED!

Funny thing is..people really had tents/huts/ & houses (lmao) so when it started raining..little bitties like US had to HIT the road. Stayed for 3 hours..left around 10:30pm..slept until 5am..came back and stayed in line until 11:50.

Got those tickets// got interviewed// had breakfast in the damn heat!

Fans? of course..what can we say we love our school!..

sn: I didn't expect the lady from the daily press to come yestereday morning so excuse the headwrap! :(

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's about that t i m e!

I'm a BIG fan of football & more than ready for our 1st season!
idk about camping out for the tickets, BUT I'll be in line..

1st game vs. Chowan:: Sept. 5th!

sn:: we'll DEF be bringing the heat on the 12th vs. VA Union!
all bets have been p l a c e d*
Let's go Monarchs!


..missing someone.
..laying down.
..In need of my cherry carmax, but don't feel like getting out of bed.
..DYING to go shopping.
..addicted to his texts; ugh.
..mad that the stupid residueisevil commercial didn't come on so my roomate could see it!
..watching/but NOT watching the re-run of ABDC..vogue evolution* ..ooow!
..thinking: I should really be in Richmond right now!
..remembering those we lost JUST a MONTH ago!..R.I.P pk/george/willie ♥


Friday, August 14, 2009 I guess life's most simple things are the best!..

Haven't been up here in a minute; a lot of -ish has been going on.
Lost a dear friend of mine + 2 in a crazy accident (rip to the kids pk/willie/george).
..very devastating news for the 757.
Really had me goin crazy; and to think its almost ALREADY been a month !

On a n o t h e r note..I basically worked my summer away & you would think I had the INS too show for it-->PSSH! think again..paying for rent//phone bills//groceries ..really had a taste of what the near future is to look like. (pause)
Tried a few new things; even attempted to "step out" this little "box" I live in; cut down on a few things (sn:: including weight) . Some things were for the better, others were blah! BUT I will learn from the experience & DEF keep it breezy.
couple laughs//few tears, but hey what can I say, that's life!

Met someone who I thought was one to change my perspective on some things; I was WRONG for ONCE. No hard feelings; but I do wish my time wasn't wasted.

School is about to start and I'm feeling some type of way; NEEDING that RE/fund check right about now!

on a b e t t e r note..I'm not one to get all mushy//lovey dovey..BUT shawty feelin the kidd! ;) senor cinco..hellooo*

Guess i'll end this one how I started..feelin good/feelin great! HA