Tuesday, August 25, 2009

for some tickets tho?

The BESTIE and MYSELF decided we would camp out for our football tickets..
IF you haven't heard it's been 60 years since ODU had a football team! Point is it's a SOLD OUT season// and student tickets are LIMITED!

Funny thing is..people really had tents/huts/ & houses (lmao) so when it started raining..little bitties like US had to HIT the road. Stayed for 3 hours..left around 10:30pm..slept until 5am..came back and stayed in line until 11:50.

Got those tickets// got interviewed// had breakfast in the damn heat!

Fans? of course..what can we say we love our school!..

sn: I didn't expect the lady from the daily press to come yestereday morning so excuse the headwrap! :(

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